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  •  The Secret Advantage of Direct Mail in the Digital Age 
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You may be asking yourself, why direct mail?
  •  Increased saturation for digital advertising has created a decrease in direct mail, resulting in less competition within this channel
  •  Readership for direct mail is on the rise averaging 45% for all age groups (Courtesy of Direct Marketing Association Statistical Fact Book)
  •  77% of people sort through their mail as soon as they get it vs. a 20% average open rate for an email newsletter (Courtesy of Epsilon, MailChimp)
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Matt Aitchison started out completely broke after moving back to his parent's house after graduating from college and racking up thousands of dollars of debt.

He saw an online ad about real estate investing and started to take massive action! Within a short 7 years, he built a massive multi-million dollar real estate portfolio and flipped over 130 houses within his twenties!

Matt is the founder of and, an e-learning company that helps everyday people start their own real estate investing business with proven methods.

Matt has been honored as one of the top influencers to follow this year by Buzzfeed and his vision is to help thousands of people create profitable real estate investing businesses.
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